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Interfaith Harmony & Peace Education

  1. Build contacts with leadership of Christian churches, Muslim Mosques, Jewish Temples, Hindu Temples, Buddhist and Sikh Temples.
  2. Conduct meetings and discussions with religious entities to promote unity, peace, tolerance, justice and acceptance.
  3. Organize dialogues, conferences, seminars, meetings, walks, workshops and any type of group discussions to promote peace and interfaith harmony.
  4. Organize exposure visits for religious groups to other places of worship.
  5. Publish a website as well as posters, stickers, brochures, flyers, and a newsletter to promote tolerance, justice, peace and love.
  6. Build capacity among activists and community groups to work more effectively as instruments of peace.
  7. Network among and collaborate with other organizations to promote efforts and initiative for communal harmony.

Human Rights

  1. Educate the public regarding human rights violations against religious individuals and groups, especially minority religious communities around the world.
  2. Support human rights and peace organizations in their efforts to repeal discriminatory laws against religious minorities.
  3. Develop networks with other peace and human rights organization worldwide to support persecuted minorities both internationally and in Pakistan.
  4. Review and analyze the facts and circumstances through facts finding missions over the violations of religious freedom internationally.
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